Frequently, contractors will find themselves with jobs that require materials out of their range, and they’ll reach out to experienced metal fabrication contractors.

Contractors can save on money and liability by subcontracting out specific tasks to a private metalworking company. See, if contractors want to fabricate their own metals, they’re gonna have to build the infrastructure, which involves not only thousands in expensive equipment, but also paying for worker’s comp, insurance, and licenses.

Whether its for financial, legal, or safety reasons, contractors may find it making more sense to acquire assembled metalwork from a separate, experienced company.After reaching out to a Metalworking Company, Contractors might find themselves saving on costs and left with an exemplary piece of metalworking.

There is also a great amount of danger involved in the process of metalworking. Workers need to be experienced to avoid metalworking safety hazards like extreme temperatures, harmful gases and powerful equipment that can cause injury or death.

As far as the law goes, contractors without lengthy experience in metalworking may find themselves in need of a fabricator that can manufacture in line with statewide building code requirements. Better to pay for someone else’s experience than gamble on a fabrication that could end up violating code—sending you in direct conflict with the client. Contact An Expert Metal Fabrication Contractor

Work with San Diego Welding to design your projects and bring them to life— WE WILL DESIGN, FABRICATE and FINISH for you and your client!


San Diego Welding is a high-quality, specialty Metal Fabrication company for Residential and Commercial Projects in the San Diego area. Contractors come to us for projects that require detailed, skilled work on a timely basis.

  • As a 3rd generation family business, San Diego Welding brings decades of iron-work experiences to every project—no matter what you need!
  • Experience with both public sector and private sector projects.
  • San Diego Welding doesn’t adhere to a “revolving door” workflow like other metal fabricators. As a family-owned business steeped in generations of metalworking, we take pride in our meticulous renderings and supremely detailed, elegant fabrications.
  • Contractors want distinctive installations for their clients. That’s why San Diego Welding doesn’t rely on an old inventory of stock designs and materials. We offer exclusively custom designs, on a project-by-project basis.

Every project is exceptional!

If It’s Made Of Metal — SAN DIEGO WELDING Can Build It!

As a family-owned business, San Diego Welding aims to build long, trusting relationships with contractors in the San Diego area. The way we do this: close coordination and quality metalworking.

Customized for YOU!

  • Unlike the massive home improvement warehouses, we do NOT carry stock furniture, because we don’t skimp on craftsmanship. San Diego Welding values quality over quantity in its fabrications and furniture, and we want our creations to provide long-term value to your home.
  • Not sure what you want? Reach out to us today for free designs. You’ll have 100% say in your design, that way there are no surprises when your designs come to life.


Start today by filling out the entry CLICK HERE.

Make an appointment to take measurements. We also offer free 2D Auto Cad designs for in-person view, so we can discuss your project in person and go over anything you may want changed.

Because SAN DIEGO WELDING produces unique metalwork for each customer, we use computer-aided-design to give each design the attention and nuance it deserves.

Not only can we present our ideas to interested clients, but CAD allows us to quickly convert our designs to real-world fabrications; as our metalworking equipment can directly ingest and interpret our CAD renderings.

This in-person meeting at our San Diego office also allows clients to directly discuss their desired fabrications with the fabricators themselves. San Diego Welding replaced corporate red tape with direct client-fabricator dialogue.
Once we are approved for fabrication and you’ve submitted your deposit along with the official signed proposal, we can move forward with your fabrication. San Diego Welding will provide hard copies and offer additional revisions to make your project perfect, because we pride ourselves on our hard work and craftsmanship.



San Diego Welding employs a combination of newer technologies and traditional methods to cut, bend, and assemble our prepared, in-depth renderings. Because San Diego Welding is streamlined for contractor-based fabrications, we can produce affordable metalwork with the efficiency of a classic manufacturer and the precision of a first-rate, customer-focused fabricator.

Contractors can now pick up their newly fabricated metalwork.
If the fabrication requires any additional services from a subcontractor (such as powder-coating for gates adjacent to bodies of water), we can take the initiative to employ their services, after consulting with the client.
We offer a one-year warranty on anything we build to ensure client satisfaction and to build a lasting relationship with contractors.