We are proud to offer our welding service in San Diego county and beyond. We have many years of experience working in designing, fabricating, and welding custom products for our clients in the San Diego area.

Our mission is to create relationships with our customers and turn their visions into reality. We strive to inspire each other, to communicate clearly, and to support one another in order to accomplish satisfaction with every customer, every time.


We keep our standard production level below 30% of maximum capacity. This allows us to accommodate rapid production increases, expedited prototypes, and other special projects. This flexible, yet conservative, production model, allows us to be a stable supplier for our clients no matter their size and regardless of fluctuations in the economy.


Our on-site, quarantined, storage area provides a safe place for your parts while they wait for shipment. For critical lead time products we employ KANBAN production in order to stay ahead of your production needs. This allows for rapid delivery of high-volume products when your company is hit with a sales spike. When utilized correctly, KANBAN production also offers savings which we pass on to you.


Technology is at the core of the fabrication industry. We regularly purchase new equipment specific to your needs and to industry standards. By operating the highest standard of CNC fabrication equipment and trained employees, we are proud to provide our customers with the highest standard products.

Process Control

We have a dedicated QC department which guarantees consistent quality of production and accurate quantity and date of delivery. Many of our customers are ISO 9001 and CE certified companies. For this reason we operate with ISO Standards necessary for our customers to meet their requirements. In-house control of all production processes guarantee quality, improve production time, reduce costs, all while providing you with a single vendor to count on for your product.

Packaging and Delivery

We package all of our parts with utmost care, using materials specific to the finish. Newsprint, foam, microfiber, plastic wrap, or custom wooden crates, we handle all packaging in-house. Regular deliveries are made throughout the southern California region. For long distance shipments we have access to great shipping rates through contracts with ESTES and UPS.

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